Want to make money writing articles online?

Looking to make a few extra bucks and love writing? perhaps you should consider start writing articles for money. There are a lot of different sites out there that will pay for your articles. It can be a good way to earn some extra cash doing something you really love, or if you’re really good, a career you can do from home.
Getting started can be a little slow going. It takes time to get use to techniques and methods and you might get quite a few rejections at first when you first start out. A lot of sights also pay based off of views, which might not be very much at first. Its going to take patience before you are making any real money off of writing.
MeSeekArticles is a good site for earning money based on hits. Unlike some sites, they don’t require your earnings to reach $100 before they pay out. They are relatively new so they are accepting articles in a whole variety of subjects and are quick to review what you write.
Your best bet when getting started is to write what you know. Pick a category that you are familiar with and start writing. Write several articles under the same theme. For example if you were writing about painting, you might consider an article color contrast, one on brush sizes and bristles and so on. Once you start on one subject you tend to do produce quality articles quicker if you stay with the subject instead of switching over to something else.
Online articles don’t tend to run as long as the ones in magazines and other materials, you’re aiming for around 500 words. You want to keep your writing tight and to the point. Bullets are a common tool for online writers.
Make your lead as compelling as possible. You need to have something that will make people want to visit your article and a good lead can really drag somebody in. Titles are also an important factor. After all which would you rather read “Boss Explodes During Business Melt Down” or ” Boss Gets Mad over Computers Crash”. Your choice of words can make a big difference on whether or not some one choses to read your article and if you are getting paid per hits, you’re going to want to attract as many people as possible.
Have fun. Writing articles for money online can be frustrating remember what you like about writing and don’t be afraid to drop an article for awhile and switch to something else. Sometimes a couple of days can make a huge difference to your perspective.

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